Finals Week Resource: Tips and Tricks

As a senior at Florida State, I’ve gone through my fair share of finals. With the help of my friends and my own personal experiences, I’ve made a quick list of tips and tricks for all students struggling this finals season!

  • Meal Prep
    • The last thing you’ll want to worry about is when to eat/what to eat, so take some time the weekend before and make your meals for the week. Making the meals healthier will only help you more. Meal prepping is also an excellent way to save money!
  • Prioritize Sleep
    • It’s no question that sleep will help your body and mind through this stressful time. If you want to study long and hard, do it during the day. Keeping a normal sleep schedule will help your body stay healthy.
  • Study with Friends
    • There is no better time to meet with your classmates than finals week, you may be surprised at how much you learn by talking it through with someone going through the same issues! There’s a lot of places to study on campus, such as the Williams Johnston Center, and most of the libraries have study rooms that you can reserve for your friendship study dates! Pro tip: Make sure you study with friends that will keep you accountable for your work.
  • Clean When You Can
    • You’d be surprised what a difference a clean room, bathroom, and kitchen makes for you during a stressful time. If you’re stressing about finals, the last thing you want to be worried about are your dishes. Don’t stress, just clean up that mess!
  • Make a Playlist
    • Music can be a student’s best friend when studying for finals. But you don’t want just any tunes, make a playlist that fits your mood! If you need to focus on specific words, maybe pick music without lyrics! If you need to get into a creative mode with a project or final assignment, turn on your favorite musicians and see where they take you!
  • Exercise
    • Healthy body, healthy mind! Although you may not have time for an hour at the gym, instead of sitting at your desk all day take those notecards for a walk with you! There are plenty of beautiful places to walk around on and off campus, start with parks such as Lake Ella, Cascades, the Leach, and even our new FSU Labyrinth!
  • Pet a Puppy
    • The SLC is holding a Therapy Dog Event Monday, December 11th, from 2-4pm for any student that needs a break from studying. The event will include dogs for you to pet, food to eat, and games to play.
  • Do Not Disturb
    • Silencing your phone while you study can help you get a lot more done than you may realize! Silencing social media and texts can help you forget it’s all there waiting for you.
  • Talk to Your Professor
    • They are here for you… most of the time. Email your professors to meet with them, even outside of office hours! They (usually) want to help you succeed, so if you have a question go on and ask! 
  • Treat Yo’ Self
    • Reward yourself for studying hard. If that’s playing a video game or watching your favorite show, put an episode on! Or if it’s splurging a little on your favorite food, eat away! Just make sure you time yourself relaxing as hard as you time yourself studying.



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