I’m Ready for Break!!

Students are itching to be done with finals and back home for the holidays… but some may not know what to do! It may be your students first time leaving their belongings at their home or dorm, and there’s just a couple things they need to know before they do!

Before you leave…

  • Clean out the fridge
    • You don’t want to come home to a smelly house because you forgot your leftover pizza in the fridge! Clean out everything that could possibly go bad (and maybe some that has already gone bad) so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it when you get back!
  • Unplug all electronic devices
    • No one will be using the toaster over break, so unplug it! Some things people often forget to unplug: Computers, TVs, Kitchen Appliances, Lamps. Debate on putting a timer on a light or two to make it look like someone is home all break.
      • Do NOT turn off your fridge!! You don’t want to know what kind of smell will come out if you do.
    • Turn off the water heater
      • Think about all the $$ you’ll save!
    • Turn down the heat
      • It’s more economical to turn down the heat instead of just turning it off… setting it to a low temperature of 55* will keep it warm enough so the pipes won’t burst but not warm enough to take up your bill! If you’re leaving animals in the house for people to take care of… adjust accordingly.
    • Talk to your landlord
      • Advise your landlord/leasing company that you’ll be away for break, so if anything happens they can take care of it!
    • Take most valuables with you
      • We doubt we must say this… but maybe think about taking your laptop and other valuable items with you. If the worst happens, at least you’ll know you have the expensive stuff with you.
    • Return your textbooks
      • Make sure if you rented a textbook on or off campus that you return them before you leave! The last thing you’ll want to worry about on vacation is a textbook.



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