An Application for Your Fitness Needs

FSU Campus Recreation is one of the defining strengths of Florida State University. As if full-service gyms, The Rez, Intramural fields, and a 16-lane swimming pool are not enough, Campus Recreation has introduced an even easier way for students to access its amenities– The FSU Rec application. Available on all smart phones and tablets, the FSU Rec app shows students how busy the gyms are by percentage, if different buildings are open/their hours, and makes it easy to reserve for group fitness classes. Before the application, students had to go online and fill out a form with their name and information just to get into a group fitness class. Now, in one-click, they can reserve and cancel effortlessly.

The application was inspired by the many students that felt discouraged going to the gym due to a high concentration of students, or different courts (basketball, tennis, etc.) at full capacity. Now, students can check before they go and know exactly what will be going on when they get there.

Some of the additions that have come with the launch of the application is their new class centered around circuit-fitness classes, NoleFit. NoleFit is offered twice a day at the leach and students can purchase a subscription to the demanding classes, for those ‘Noles that want to put fitness first.  FSU Campus Recreation hopes to add more services to the application and plans to be paper-free by the end of the year.

Here’s a link to their new application!


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