Final Exam Study Tips

With final exams coming up, your student may be anxious or stressed, especially if they are unsure of their test preparation skills. Below you will find some key tips for success when it comes to exams. Share these with your student and check in to see if they need help.

  1. DETAILS. Encourage your student to find out what their entire final exam schedule looks like so they can begin formulating a study plan earlier rather than later. Encourage them to find out more about their exams—will it be multiple choice or an essay? Comprehensive or from the midterm on? How much will their final exam count towards their final grade?
  2. ORGANIZE. Have your student prepare a written schedule for themselves indicating when they will study for each test. Remind them to leave some time in their schedule for other things like exercise and relaxation so they will avoid stress and burn out. Additionally, if they work well in groups, encourage them to seek study partners or group review sessions and schedule those out in advance.
  3. RESOURCES. If the professor offers a study guide, encourage them to use it. If the professor offers a review session for the exam, encourage them to go to it. These can prove to be really helpful, especially since the topics covered are probably key indicators of what will be on the tests.
  4. HELP. If your student is still struggling in a specific subject area or concept, encourage them to reach out for help. The Academic Center for Excellence and the Reading Writing Center are great tools to help your student be prepared for their upcoming tests and projects. Remember, the earlier your student seeks help, the better.
  5. REST. Remind them to get some sleep. Pulling an all-nighter can be stressful, unhealthy, and unproductive. If they have to study late into the night, remind them to at the very least take a nap and revisit their study materials the following morning.
  6. LOCATION. A lot of times, studying at home for students can be difficult, especially if they have a roommate or lose focus easily. Encourage your student to try out different places to study and to find the one that works best for them. Whether it’s a coffee shop or Strozier Library, finding a good location can be key in studying successfully. Seminole Dining will have the Suwannee at the Union open 24 hours starting on April 29 until May 3! Click here for more info.
  7. EAT/EXERCISE/RELAX. Remind your student to take care of themselves during final exam week. They should eat, get some exercise, take a break and relax every once and a while so they can stay focused and limit stress. It also might be a good idea to talk with your student about their caffeine intake. It is natural to want coffee, soda, energy drinks or other caffeinated beverages when you are studying a lot, but the crash that can come can also be hard to overcome.
  8. TIME. Encourage your student to keep a close eye on the time both while studying and when they are taking their actual exams. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites can be a big distraction that can turn a 10-minute break into an hour (or more!) of procrastination. Encourage your student to focus by temporarily deactivating these sites or avoiding the Internet while studying.

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