Easing the Transition Back Home

It’s been a long 9 months for you and your student. It’s the first time they’ve been away from you and your home for this long of a period! You probably don’t want to admit it…but you’re finally starting to get used to the extra space around the house. Your routine finally is normalized and… Continue reading Easing the Transition Back Home


Final Exam Study Tips

With final exams coming up, your student may be anxious or stressed, especially if they are unsure of their test preparation skills. Below you will find some key tips for success when it comes to exams. Share these with your student and check in to see if they need help. DETAILS. Encourage your student to… Continue reading Final Exam Study Tips

An Application for Your Fitness Needs

FSU Campus Recreation is one of the defining strengths of Florida State University. As if full-service gyms, The Rez, Intramural fields, and a 16-lane swimming pool are not enough, Campus Recreation has introduced an even easier way for students to access its amenities-- The FSU Rec application. Available on all smart phones and tablets, the… Continue reading An Application for Your Fitness Needs

Finals Week Resource: ACE Learning Studio

The ACE Learning Studio, located in the William-Johnston Building, helps students develop study skills and personal success habits as well as offering tutoring programs for every subject. This semester, the ACE Learning Studio has decided to extend its regular hours to service any students in need of help during this stressful time. ACE Extended Hours… Continue reading Finals Week Resource: ACE Learning Studio